Monocle supports 1,700+ U.S. institutions

We use Plaid to provide you with support for most banks and financial institutions.

Their service is very robust, and used by the likes of Venmo, Robinhood and Credit Karma.

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Connected banking

Google’s GSuite

We think that Google’s GSuite (Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail) are the easiest way to manage your business. Delivering your bank transactions to GSuite means that:

  • Your updates are in services you already use for work
  • You don’t have to learn a new way to use our services
  • It’s easy for you to modify your data and connect it to other services

More services!

We’re working on support for RSS feeds, an open API, Alexa Skills, and more. Please connect with our team via Discord if you have any ideas!


Most of them! We support 1,700+ banks and financial institutions. If you have your money in a bank, a trading account or something similar, chances are we support it.

Free and Basic plans support up to 2 bank accounts. For more, you can upgrade to the Gold plan.

Your bank tokens (user names and passwords) are stored by Plaid. They are extremely reliable and used by some of the biggest players in Finance, including Robinhood and Credit Karma. Monocle stores your bank transactions (but not your bank user names and passwords) so that you can get them delivered to Google services and more.

Monocle and Plaid have access to your transactions, simply to serve you this data. We do not share your information with third parties. You can also decide how you can share your Google Sheets, calendars and more.

We currently update your transactions daily at 4AM PST. We’re working on supporting multiple updates a day soon.

When you connect your bank accounts, Monocle also gets the ability to charge via your bank (similarly to Venmo or Robinhood). Once you select a payment plan, it is automatically applied to your bank account.

Currently, Monocle creates a spreadsheet for you and shares it only with your Google account. For your Calendar and Drive, we create the documents directly in your own account. We are working on doing the same with Sheets as well.

Yes. There are many reasons for this: regulation in the E.U. makes it very difficult to help users with their bank data, due to storage regulation. In addition, services like Plaid do not work in other regions yet. Lastly, the U.S. is our first market and we are focused on it.

We’d love to hear them! The best way to reach our team directly is via Discord. You can either click the little chat widget on the bottom right of this screen, or visit us here. You can even use Discord straight from the Google Sheet!

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