Making Money Magical with Monocle’s Many Measured Means to Manage Your Money

Hello fellow Internet traveler! 👋 Chances are, you’re new to Monocle.

We’re a new service to help you manage your 💰💰💰. We think finance is boring and complicated, so we built a way for you to get your transactions in the services you use all the time.
If you’re a product manager👩‍💼💹, a data analyst👨‍🔬, a banker🤑, a startup 👷, or a spreadsheet developer 👩‍💻 you probably work with Google services all the time. Now you can get your daily transactions in there and remix that data any way you want.

Here’s what we do:
You can connect all your bank accounts. We support 1000+ banks 🏦🏦🏦, so we got you covered.

Once that’s done, you can decide how to get your information.

Google Sheets 📊

We make a beautiful spreadsheet with tons of insights to get you started. We automatically sort everything in categories.
You can see your annualized spending, how you’re doing in each category, where you spend the most.
But because it’s Google Sheets, it means you can go and change every view and make your own!
Wanna make a chart so you can keep that Blue Bottle habit in check? You can.

Gmail ✉️

We send you daily emails, so you can tell when your transactions have been processed, or when you’ve received your income.

Google Calendar 📆

(This one’s still in progress)
We create a new calendar inside your Google Calendar. This way, you can see exactly how much you spent each day!

Google Drive 📁

We make daily backups of your spreadsheets on your Google Drive, so you can see exactly where you were.

Get free beta access!

We’re launching our beta starting late April 2018. Make sure you follow our Facebook page!